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5PM Summer Sandwich

by @RogueCookers

12-16 Hours

10+ Servings

5PM Summer Sandwich

What better way to celebrate National BBQ Month than with a Pulled Pork Sandwich with a Southern & Southwestern flair smoked on a Traeger Pro 22. When it is time to get off work and relax with friends and family be sure to make them the 5 PM Summer Sandwich – Pico De Gallo, Pickles, Pimento Cheese, and Pulled Pork on Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls. The Potato Rolls have a touch of sweetness, creamy buttery texture, and provide the perfect meat to bun ratio, in my opinion.


The Meat

  1. Trim the fat cap off the pork butt, use your favorite pork rib rub, and place on the smoker at 180-200 F for an overnight smoke. (10-12 hours)

  2. Place in a half pan at an internal temperature of 160 F with about 4 oz of Coke or apple juice.   Cover with foil.  Turn up grill to 250-275 F and pull at internal temperature around 200 F. (another 2-3 hours)

  3. Let rest for two hours in a cooler and pull.  Add strained aujus for extra moisture if needed.

The Sandwich

  1. Get your Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls and cut into halves.

  2. Put your favorite Sweet and Heat BBQ sauce on the top and bottom buns.

  3. Put a good helping of the pulled pork on the bottom bun. If desired, put additional sauce on the pork.

  4. Then, in order, put pimento cheese, pickles, and pico de gallo on top of the pulled pork.

  5. Eat and ENJOY!


  • 9 lb bone in Pork Butt

  • Favorite Rib or Pork Rub

  • Pico de Gallo

  • Pimento Cheese

  • Pickle – Hamburger dill chips

  • Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls

  • Favorite Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce

  • Hardwood Pecan / Hickory

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